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Discover A Better Resource For Recruiting Skilled Professionals: Focus Staffing Group.

When you're seeking experienced professionals who can immediately add value to your organization, Focus Staffing Group is the comprehensive recruitment resource. With our unique expertise and years of experience, we can provide a custom tailored solution to your staffing requirement. Contact us today, and let our skilled recruiters find the right people for your organization.

Focus Staffing Group - Washington DC
11350 Random Hills Road, Suite #450
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Main Phone Number: 703-539-6550

Executive Management:

Kevin Poplawski, President and CEO
Phone: 703.539.6550
Fax: 703.539.6555

Christopher Pownall, Managing Principal
Phone: 703.539.6530
Fax: 703.539.6555

Matthew Antine, Principal Recruiter
Phone: 703.539-6540
Fax: 703.539.6555

What People Say About Us

“Focus Staffing Group quickly understood our firm's staffing needs and culture resulting in “on-target” referrals. Good communication and follow through!”

Deborah Waldman, Director,
Human Resources
Snyder Cohn CPA’s